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Gameday Thread, #55: 5/30 vs. Phillies

Randy Johnson, LHP (2-2, 4.54)
Jamie Moyer, LHP (5-3, 4.18)

It's Jurassic Park 3 today - for the third time this season, a new record will be set for the oldest lefty pitching match-up in baseball history. Last time out, the Phillies began the game by whiffing six straight times against Johnson, so I imagine they won't be looking forward to this. That was the infamous game where Medders' first pitch was dispatched for a game-losing grand-slam - after last night, our reliever is already on this ice. Any repeat performance could lead to Medders being left on the tarmac at the airport.

Our offense has really kicked it up of late, and as noted, we have, very quietly, positioned ourselves nicely. If the season were to end today, we'd be in the Wild Card spot, and facing the Mets in the first round of the playoffs. So maybe the weekend series will be a precursor of things to come...