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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 8

Week 8 Results

AZ SnakePit 2, 7-2 Offsuiters 8 In a battle of cellar-dwellers, 7-2 came out with a convincing victory, thanks to a sweep of pitching. They piled up four wins, with Lowry's W and 4 K's their best man. SnakePit's successes came in RBI and SB, where Roberts drove in 7 and stole four bases. Lopez had 7 RBI for 7-2.

dbacktom 6, Tucson Myth 3 tom took the first six categories to put this away early. Three homers and 9 RBI from Ordóñez powered their offense, and Lackey picked up two wins on the mound. Santana had a win and 13 K's for Myth, though neither team managed an ERA below four for the week: Saves were tied at three apiece.

The Fighting Amish 6, BBTNG 3 Amish overturned an early deficit to take this match-up, Sabathia's win and 10 K's helping their pitching staff, whose ERA was 2.59. BBTNG did well in the power numbers, with Dunn and Gonzalez having three home-runs each, and four players had 6+ RBI, but that was the limit of their success.

4 K's 4 Gonzo 4, Bob Melvin Sucks 3 In a very even contest, three categories (HR, SB and SV) were shared, but Gonzo's wins were generally more emphatic: they took K's 42-19, with sixteen from Burnett. Martinez had 3 HR and 8 RBI for Sucks, and Guillen 3 + 7 for Gonzo. Soriano and Lugo, with two SB each, were the sum total there.

Crazy VIII's 7, Webby17 2 VIII's bounced back from their previous drubbing, to administer one of their own. Six players stole bases, and Griffey's 3 homers matched Webby's entire total. Peavy had two wins and 14 K's, but Bay had ten RBI and batted .500, which gave Webby some success - they batted .361 for the week overall.

CoJack Forever 3, Kapsaicin Kids 6 After hitting was split evenly, Kids pulled away on the mound, with a team ERA of 2.63. However CoJacks' Webb (W, 15 K) was the best pitcher on view. Swisher had three homers and 11 RBI for CoJack, and Nathan posted three scoreless saves. The teams combined for 81 K's in total.

Baked 3 warlords 5 This was a low-scoring battle, with only 44 runs and 41 RBI combined. Tejada had three HR and 8 RBI for Warlords, but only one other player (Cabrera for Baked) had more than three RBI. Kazmir had 11 K's for Baked, but Livan Hernandez led Warlords to victory, with a win and 10 strikeouts.

GregSchulteOverdrive 4, Shenanigans 4 Greg hit .315, but that wasn't enough, as Shen batted .342. The boot was on the other foot in ERA, however: Shen were below three, but still lost, as Greg's ERA was a miniscule 2.01. Morneau (Greg) had four homers and 13 RBI, but Young (Shena) had ten K's to give them a crucial tie. Saves were also split.

Desert Dingleberries 4, the don quixotes 5 don pipped Dingle, with the split of stolen bases the decisive area. don had the pitching edge, Hamels' 16 K's and win their key man. But eight runs for Ichiro helped Desert keep things close, though Blake's four HR and 8 RBI for don was probably the best offensive performance here

Chupacabras 4, Douchebaggery 5 Another really close game in the end: both teams hit 7 homers, and that gave Douche victory. Chupa's arms had a horrible week, with an 8.34 ERA, but still had two W's, while Douche had none, but got four saves from Fuentes, however. Sanchez (Chupa) scored 6 runs, while Byrnes (Douche) drove in seven.


 1. warlords             47-28-5   -
 2. Crazy VIII's         43-28-9   2
 3. dbacktom             41-33-6   5.5
 4. 4 K's 4 Gonzo        40-32-8   5.5
 5. Douchebaggery        42-34-4   5.5
 6. GregSchulteOverdrive 41-33-6   5.5
 7. Bob Melvin Sucks     38-32-10  6.5
 8. Chupacabras          40-35-5   7
 9. Kapsaicin Kids       38-34-8   7.5
10. Desert Dingleberries 39-36-5   8
11. The Fighting Amish   36-37-7  10
12. the don quixotes     37-38-5  10
13. Shenanigans          34-37-9  11
14. 7-2 Offsuiters       35-40-5  12
15. CoJack Forever       35-41-4  12.5
16. BBTNG                35-41-4  12.5
17. Baked                29-41-10 15.5
18. Tucson Myth          31-44-5  16
19. Webby17              30-43-7  16
20. AZ SnakePit          27-51-2  21.5  

Week 9 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. CoJack Forever
dbacktom vs. 7-2 Offsuiters
The Fighting Amish vs. Tucson Myth
4 K's 4 Gonzo vs. BBTNG
Crazy VIII's vs. Bob Melvin Sucks
Baked vs. Kapsaicin Kids
GregSchulteOverdrive vs. warlords
Desert Dingleberries vs. Shenanigans
Chupacabras vs. the don quixotes
Douchebaggery vs. Webby17

Warlords vs. Greg Schulte Overdrive is the game of the week. Guerrero had been the heart of the warlords offense, with 41 RBI and a .345 average. Cordero and Isringhausen have combined for 30 saves, and Smoltz seven wins and 2.58 ERA anchors their rotation. Greg are a heavy-hitting bunch, with Morneau, Peralta and Hunter all reaching double-figures in homers. Their pitching may be week, but Zambrano and Gaudin have five wins each.