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Gameday Thread, #53: 5/28 vs. Phillies

Doug Davis, LHP (2-6, 3.57)
Freddy Garcia, RHP (1-3, 4.81)

East-coast swing for the Diamondbacks starts here, and it promised to be a tough one. I'd probably settle for a 3-3 split of the six games here and in New York. There are some very interesting pitching matchups, such as Johnson vs. Moyer on Wednesday, and I'm also looking forward to Webb vs. Maine Friday night.

This one could go either way: Davis was unlucky in his last outing, but that's par for the course. He's got the best ERA of any six-game loser in the majors, and it's not even close (the next best is 1.74 higher than Davis). The problem is, he's had just 2.64 runs of support: that ranks him 119th of 123 major-league pitchers with 40+ innings thrown. Compare that to Josh Beckett, getting more than nine from the Boston offense. Hell, with that on your side, Russ Ortiz v.2006 could go 7-0.

However, we did score 35 runs in the series against Houston, and hopefully we can build on this going forward. Outside of the obvious (Mark Reynolds), there have been a few players quietly putting together decent Mays at the plate. Byrnes, Jackson and Young are all batting above .300 for the month, and the lowest of any regular (40+ at-bats) is Stephen Drew's .225. In April, we had four - Quentin, Hairston, Callaspo and Jackson - at or below .220. So we'll see what this roadtrip brings.