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Gameday Thread, #50: 5/25 vs. Astros, and maybe #51-52 too.

Woody Williams, RHP (1-6, 5.52)
Edgar Gonzalez, RHP (1-2, 4.81)

Not sure quite what'll happen this weekend. We're off to California tonight for the Conspiracy Con: we're taking the laptop, so with luck, we should be able to post at least brief updates and GameDay threads tomorrow and Sunday. However, if not, feel free to use this as the thread for those games as well. We're back on Sunday, but will be going from the airport straight to the game at Chase - and then on to the Body Worlds exhibition, so that should be fun.

Tonight sees the return of Edgar Gonzalez to the rotation, spot-starting for the "forearm tendinitis"-afflicted Randy Johnson. Since EdGon hasn't started in a month, no-one really knows how far he'll go before keeling over, but I imagine the bullpen will likely be warming up from about the fourth inning on. Our offensive performance last night is the kind of contrast that makes you wish there was a "carry forward" rule, by which excessive, pointless scoring could be shifted on to the scoreboard for the next game. Mind you, given we've been outscored by eight runs overall this year, that'd probably bite us.

As noted, presence until Sunday is uncertain, but maybe they have wifi at the airport. ;-)