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Gameday Thread, #49: 5/24 vs. Astros

Wandy Rodriguez, LHP (2-3, 3.99)
Micah Owings, RHP (2-1, 4.96)

Well, at least it's not the Rockies. Having faced Colorado 12 times in the first 48 games, and especially after the last couple of contests, it's definitely good to wave goodbye to them until the very end of August. In their place come the Astros, and this is a crucial start in a number of ways. Looking at the rest of the series, we seem to have the edge on Saturday, and the Astros on Sunday, as far as pitching goes. Friday is anyone's guess, so victory tonight will be a good jump on perhaps winning the series.

However, any victory will be dependent on us doing something we didn't manage at all last night: reaching home-plate. The rumblings regarding our hitting coach are beginning anew, and the demands for his head are increasingly being heard in the various forums. Can't say I'm surprised: in 21 games this month, we've scored 68 runs, only 3.2 per game. n the depths of the sucky June we had last year, we were still getting four per game, and even the 2004, 111-game losing team only had one month below that figure. That's why Kevin Seitzer's place is in jeopardy.