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Gameday Thread, #47: 5/22 vs. Rockies

Josh Fogg, RHP (1-5, 4.91)
Livan Hernandez, RHP (4-2, 4.02)

Bit of a streak going again, but with Livan on the mound tonight, any streak will always be on...interesting ground. There doesn't seem to be any middle-ground with Hernandez v2.0: he's either great or appalling. Either way usually seems to involve enough bodies on the base-paths to restage Gettysburg.

This is a rematch from last Thursday, when we came out with the upper hand. Hernandez went seven innings and came away with the win despite only two runs of support while he was on the mound. More of that would be fine - and the good news is, he kept Hawpe hitless too. I won't be about for this, it being the usual IZW Wrestling show tonight, but will follow it as best I can through the TVs at The Sets. At least it won't have to compete with b*sk*tb*ll tonight!

Finally, to be filed under "Sucks to be you", we discover that Jason Smith, snapped up by the Diamondbacks and then dumped by them four days later when Callaspo came back is now in the hospital with a burst appendix. Kinda lucky we got rid of him, though being dropped by two teams and then getting nastily ill makes this a week he'll want to forget...