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Gameday Thread, #46: 5/21 vs. Rockies

Aaron Cook, RHP (3-1, 4.40)
Brandon Webb, RHP (3-3, 3.57)

Well, that was an interesting day at work. One person quit and was escorted from the premises, and another got fired and similarly led off. It was like living in 70's Chile: every time I turned around, someone else was gone. Of course, management decide to embark on this zero tolerance policy when at least two, maybe three people were missing entirely: net result, we were horrendously short-staffed, and they were begging me to stay late. I declined: protecting management from the consequences of their actions is not my job. Time to get the ol' resume out there, I think.

The D-backs are back, and we get a rematch tonight of the game from last Wednesday, where Webb lost to Cook. Let's hope the complimentary Filiberto's gift-basket we left for Brad Hawpe has the desired effect, as he was the main perpetrator last time, homering twice and driving in four runs. Could do without that again. Let's also hope our offense maintains the run of scoring seen over the weekend, having apparently re-discovered what those pieces of wood are for.

I will be about for this one, I think. Finally entered the 21st century, and have high-speed Internet on my computer here, which is a real joy - mostly because it means I'm no longer beholden to AOL. So looking forward to having swift access to stats and scores for my comments tonight. Or failing that, nekkid pictures of Keira Knightley. :-) [Memo to Mrs. SnakePit: that's a joke.] I've just about got the fantasy update done, so that should follow later this evening too.