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Gameday Thread, #45: 5/20 vs. Pirates

Randy Johnson, LHP (1-2, 4.80)
Paul Maholm, LHP (2-5, 5.67)

This is my third attempt at a GameDay thread, on three different computers - the first two having been eaten by upset technology in some way. I will therefore keep this very, very brief. East-coast day-game = far too early start, hence the Saturday night posting of this. Can anything possibly top the comeback from 7-1 down though? I doubt it.

We face another one of Pittsburgh's young lefties; we didn't have much success against Gorzelanny, with our offense only coming to life once we got to the Pirates bullpen. We'll probably need a long outing from Johnson, the bullpen having pitched 6+ innings on Saturday, on the heels of a short outing from Davis. Last time, Randy mentioned there would be times when he would be needed to go seven or eight inning: this could be one of those appearances.

Will be up eventually, but please, start without me. Expect a double-header of reports on both weekend games later on Sunday.