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Gameday Thread, #40: 5/15 vs. Rockies

Randy Johnson, LHP (0-2, 6.00)
Jason Hirsh, RHP (2-3, 4.10)

After being robbed of a potential win last time, by a mix of managerial and relief incompetence, Johnson can be forgiven if Melvin has to pry the ball from Randy's cold, dead fingers tonight. But if he's as good as he was for the first six innings in his previous outing, that will hopefully not be an issue.

Fingers crossed the off-day will also have re-energized the woeful offense, who haven't managed to score more than four runs in May. If that doesn't happen soon, it may be time to think about a more radical shakeup in the roster - though Callaspogate has severely limited our options there. The presence of Donnie Sadler on the bench certainly does not indicate a great depth of viable alternatives from which to draw...

Slightly early start - five minutes after I get out of work, so that's fine. Should be about for most of this one. Hopefully the same can be said for our offense.