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AZ Snakepit Fantasy Baseball, Week 6

Week 6 Results

AZ SnakePit 3, BBTNG 6 SnakePit got off to a good start, taking the first three categories, behind three homers from Berkman and Jenkins, but BBTNG powered back in a hot-hitting encounter, taking BA .327 to .311. They also posted a 2.76 ERA.

dbacktom 4, Eric Byrnes Sucks 4 These two teams couldn't be separated, two categories ending tied. Byrnes has the edge in hitting, thanks to Lugo's 7 RBI, but Boof Bonser's win and 13 K's allowed dbacktom to come back. Byrnes ERA was a miniscule 1.55; WHIP ended all square at 1.08 to leave honors even.

The Fighting Amish 5, Crazy VIII's 4 League leaders VIII wobbled, yet retain sole possession of first, despite a narrow loss to Amish. Amish took all five hitting points, with Holiday's 3 HR helping greatly, but VIII almost swept pitching, with Jake Peavy their stud. However, Saves ended tied at four, giving Amish the win.

4 K's 4 Gonzo 6, Webby17 4 Gonzo used pitching to get the win, with Oswalt having 12 K's and two wins. Dan Johnson's 10 runs weren't enough to beat good hitting from Webby, who batted .331: Ortiz had 7 RBI. Soriano had 3 SB's for Gonzo.

Tucson Myth 3, Kapsaicin Kids 5 Neither side impressed at the plate, combining for just four homers and a .236 average, with four runs the most for any player. Kids got good pitching, with 11 K's from Santana: that, with an ERA below three, was enough.

7-2 Offsuiters 6, warlords 4 Despite an injury to Howard, 7-2 held on, 7 RBI from Andruw Jones being vital. They had an ERA of 2.38 too, which countered three saves from Cordero for Warlords, who also had Gary Matthews, with 4 homers and 11 RBI.

CoJack Forever 5, Shenanigans 4 Four starters for CoJack had 10+ K's and their ERA of 1.96 led them to victory, in a contest where the teams combined for eleven wins and 92 K's. Capuano had a W and 11 K's for Shenan, but both sides were quiet on offense.

Baked 2, the don quixotes 7 don proved almost unstoppable, sweeping the board in hitting, with Casey Blake's eight runs the top performance. Bonderman (Baked) and Hamels (don) each had a win and 7 K's, though the average ERA was a hefty 5.44.

GregSchulteOverdrive 5, Douchebaggery 4 Power hitting was the order of the day, each team slamming ten homers: Morneau (Greg) had three. Greg's edge through hitting was held on to despite solid pitching from Douche; Wagner had three saves for them.

Desert Dingleberries 6, Chupacabras 3 Chupa started well, behind Lowell's week (3 HR, 9 RBI), but the tide turned when Desert took BA by .002. That set the tone: they won ERA by .07 and WHIP by .06, in a contest that was closer than the final score looked.


    TEAM                   RECORD   GB
 1. Crazy VIII's          35-19-6   - 
 2. warlords              36-21-3   0.5
 3. Desert Dingleberries  32-24-4   4
 4. the don quixotes      31-25-4   5
 5. Chupacabras           31-26-3   5.5
 6. BBTNG                 31-27-2   6
 7. Eric Byrnes Sucks     29-26-5   6.5
 8. Douchebaggery         30-27-3   6.5
 9. 4 K's 4 Gonzo         29-28-3   7.5
10. Kapsaicin Kids        27-27-6   8
11. GregSchulteOverdrive  28-28-4   8
12. The Fighting Amish    28-28-4   8
13. CoJack Forever        28-29-3   8.5
14. dbacktom              27-29-4   9
15. Shenanigans           26-29-5   9.5
16. Webby17               24-31-5  11.5
17. Tucson Myth           24-32-4  12
18. 7-2 Offsuiters        23-33-4  13
19. Baked                 22-32-6  13
20. AZ SnakePit           19-39-2  18

Week 7 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Tucson Myth
dbacktom vs. BBTNG
The Fighting Amish vs. Eric Byrnes Sucks
4 K's 4 Gonzo vs. Crazy VIII's
7-2 Offsuiters vs. Kapsaicin Kids
CoJack Forever vs. warlords
Baked vs. Shenanigans
GregSchulteOverdrive vs. the don quixotes
Desert Dingleberries vs. Douchebaggery
Chupacabras vs. Webby17

Desert Dingleberries vs. Douchebaggery is the ESPN game of the week. Desert's hitting star has been Sammy Sosa, but the sterling work of Brad Penny in their rotation is what has carried them to third place. $55m Gil Meche is Douche's best arm, but it's shortstop JJ Hardy who anchors their offense, with more homers (12) than team-mate Barry Bonds (11).