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Gameday Thread, #39: 5/13 vs. Astros

Doug Davis, LHP (2-3, 2.36)
Wandy Rodriguez, LHP (0-3, 4.66)

Despite the disaster of yesterday, it only counts as one loss, and we still have a chance to win the series. On the road, that's more than satisfactory. Doug Davis has been excellent in his last few outings - five earned runs in 26 innings - but only has one win to show for it. Time to redress that balance today. Might be tough, however, as we face a left-hander in Rodriguez, and we're batting only .229 against them this season, with a weak .648 OPS. Seems we might not break the streak of games scoring four runs or less - it's already at eleven - so Davis will need to deliver a quality start.

Heading back to bed to snuggle with Mrs. SnakePit for a bit, but should be around a little later. Hopefully, we'll still be in the game when I surface from the warm, fluffiness of the bed!