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Gameday Thread, #37: 5/11 vs. Astros

Brandon Webb, RHP (2-2, 3.75)
Chris Sampson, RHP (3-2, 3.90)

Between the home games and the ones against the division, been a while since we've had played in a time-zone outside GMT - 8: more than a month in fact. The last time was April 8 in Washington. But now, this game starts a couple of hours ahead of Phoenix, so got to get this thread up in time for that: first-pitch is due in about 45 minutes.

A good off-day for the Diamondbacks (A.Callaspo obvious excepted). The Dodgers, Padres and Giants all lost, so we're not 1/2 a game closer to LA, and in sole possession of second-place. This is a fairly soft road-trip, and we should take advantage to move up to the head of the division. With Webb on the mound this afternoon, it seems like a good place to start another streak. Let's hope we don't see another meltdown from the bullpen, costing the starter the win.