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Gameday Thread, #7: 4/8 vs. Nationals

Livan Hernandez, RHP (0-0, 2.57)
Shawn Hill, RHP (0-1, 3.60)

Okay, putting the Gameday Thread up tonight, seeing the first pitch is scheduled for an unfeasibly early 10:35 am tomorrow. I should be up in time for it, and may even have the report on Saturday's game posted before it starts too. But on the other hand, I may not: it is Sunday, after all. And Easter Sunday at that, which means I will be typing with one hand, and stuffing handfuls of candy into my mouth with the other. Mrs. SnakePit will be going out to do the dropping off of the Easter baskets, so I'll be on my own.

Perhaps the most surreal thing included therein are Spiderman chocolates, labelled 'Spidey says, "Happy Easter"'. I'm not quite sure what the connection is there, to the death and resurrection of Jesus. The atheist in me mutters something about them both being fictional characters - and suggests Superman as a better alternative, since he also died and return to life. Mind you, so did Jack Bauer. Twice. And it only took him two minutes to come back, not three days. Okay, best move on: politics and religion are topics I think should generally be avoided here...

Sunday morning, we go for the sweep against the Nationals, who have yet to lead for a single inning, and have only scored five runs in the first three games. Hernandez gave us a solid seven in his first appearance, though he was wobbly for the first couple of innings last Tuesday. Hill is another one of those National pitchers that I don't really know anything about: he's never faced the Diamondbacks before. Indeed, this will only be his 11th major-league appearance, even though he turns 26 in three weeks, so he's no fresh-faced rookie.

With the winning road-trip already assured, we should now put our foot on the throat of the Nationals and finish the job. I feel some sympathy for the team, as they head towards what could be a 100-loss season, and I actually like quite a lot of the players they have. However, there's no room for such emotion here, and we must complete the sweep. Sure, not perhaps the toughest road-trip we'll have, but given the obvious deficencies in our play (defense, walks by our starters), few would have significant cause for complaint if we win on Sunday and come home 5-2. From here on, the opposition will get tougher, so take the chance this series brings, and rack up those W's.