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Gameday Thread, #4: 4/5 vs. Nationals

Edgar Gonzalez, RHP (no record)
Jason Bergmann, RHP (no record)

Into our nation's capital we go, and can breathe a small sigh of relief, having got past the bumpy part of our rotation. Sure, we lost both games, but neither Hernandez 2.0 nor Davis proved to be the disasters on the mound their spring training performances apparently foreshadowed. We now enter the soft underbelly of our rotation, and meet people from whom not very much is probably expected - or who, at least, are not paid in the manner befitting baseball players from whom very much is expected. However, all being well, Edgar Gonzalez is probably going to be getting 30 or so starts this year, so if he can keep us in games, that will be a big plus.

The Washington rotation is basically John Patterson and four guys you've never heard of. That may or may not be a good thing, since we'll be facing a lot of people against whom we have little or no experience. I seem to remember that not going too well last year. A certain no-hitter by Florida comes to mind, when Anibal Sanchez took us to the cleaners in his 14th major-league appearance ever. But while I'm not taking them lightly, this Nationals are the consensus pick to finish bottom, in the weakest National League division. They are exactly the kind of team we should beat up on, if we want to be contenders, not pretenders.

We'll see: literally, in my case, since all being well, I should be able to actually see a few pitches. Unless we get no-hit again, of course, or the game finds another way to take less than about two hours or so. Hopefully, by the time I tune in, however, it won't be much of a game, the Diamondbacks laying down the smack and playing near-perfect baseball. Hey, we can all hope...