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Gameday Thread, #27: 4/30 vs. Dodgers

Brandon Webb, RHP (1-1, 3.60)
Randy Wolf, LHP (3-2, 4.20)

The Dodgers finally squeaked past the Padres in the final game of their series, but it took them seventeen innings to do it, so their bullpen will be seriously depleted tonight. The LA starter, Wolf, has been remarkably consistent, throwing exactly six innings in each of his previous starts, but the Dodgers may want him to go deeper than that. It's up to our hitters to stop that. This time, LA also get to face the front end of our rotation, rather than EdGon and an injured Pwnings, as when they swept us at Chase.

We'll be hoping to reverse that trend, in the same way we did to the Giants, and got to feel optimistic about our chances tonight, Webb taking the mound and beginning to settle into solid mid-season form. A win tonight will take us atop the division; unlike yesterday, our fate is entirely in our own hands. If you're interested seeing ourselves as other see us, good discussion over at Dodger Thoughts, in the comments section, where people talk about whether AZ is the "real deal". The answer? Maybe...