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Gameday Thread, #2: 4/3 vs. Rockies

Livan Hernandez, RHP (no record)
Jeff Francis, LHP (no record)

Truth be told, yesterday's win was gifted to us by the Rockies' bullpen, after an underwhelming performance by our staff ace - let's hope he doesn't allow five earned runs ever start. So, it'd be nice if we follow up with a commanding start from an unexpected source. That'd be Livan Hernandez. I have a horrible feeling that Purple Row may be right, and he could turn out to be our version of Fear and Loathing in downtown Phoenix. It's not the fact he sucked in spring which bothers me, as much as his wilful denial of there being any issue. That reminded me of the Huge Manatee, which is not what you want from your current #2 starter.

Looks like we're facing Jeff Francis, whose pending appeal against a suspension for throwing at someone during Cactus League play, means he gets to appear here. Not sure why he wasn't the Opening Day starter, it has to be said, but we can't expect many free passes today, since he only walked 3.12 per nine innings last year. He's a leftie, so perhaps the most interesting thing will be to see what changes this provokes in Melvin's lineup: certainly, expect Tracy to be moved out of the cleanup spot to start with. Any other guesses at the lineup?

At least I won't be at work for this one, with the first pitch due for a convenient five minutes after I get out. However, I still won't be commenting, since we've been given freebie tickets to the Coyotes game at Arena. [Hell, it looks like it'll be the weekend before I see most of a D-backs game as it happens] That should provide an interesting conparison in fan experience - see the debate over the weekend on that topic - even though my interest in hockey is largely limited to the hope that some good fights will break out. I do recall going to a Phoenix Mustangs game, back when they played at the Vet, sitting right behind the penalty-box, and almost provoking an opposing player into climbing over the plexiglass. Ah, happy days...