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Gameday Thread, #26: 4/29 vs. Giants

Matt Morris, RHP (3-0, 2.49)
Randy Johnson, LHP (0-1, 10.80)

If we win today, and the Dodgers lose, we'll be top of the National League West again. Okay, so it depends on another team - specifically, San Diego beating Los Angeles, but it's a bit of a comeback from where we were last week. Be very interesting to see how Johnson looks in this start: the first one was very definitely a case of him hitting the wall in the fifth inning, so we'll be hoping he avoid that. He needs to get a decent strike-zone from the home-plate umpire as well. The opposing starter, Matt Morris, has been almost impeccable too, so should make for a good game.

The last time we lost was the last time Johnson took the mound: here's to us breaking that, running our streak to five, and doing our part to end the day leading the division. Should be around for most of it, if perhaps a little late arriving, since we'll be catching up on 24...