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Gameday Thread, #24: 4/27 vs. Giants

Barry Zito, LHP (2-2, 3.70)
Doug Davis, LHP (1-2, 3.27)

Ah, so that's the Zito the Giants paid an eight-figure sum for. After sucking entirely in his first two starts, he's thrown 13+ innings of shutout ball, allowing only seven hits over the past two games. That included 7.1 innings against us last week, in a game which we lost 1-0. Doug Davis is going to need to be pretty good, and the offense is going to need to be a damn sight more productive.

Signs of hope in the latter, at least, last night - seven runs was a level of output not surpassed since Opening Day. Overall, we're scoring barely four runs a game, though that is more than the Giants who have managed only 74 in their twenty contests [that's 3.7 per game]. A low-scoring contest seems likely for tonight: Doug Davis had a good outing last time, and let's just hope Drew and Hudson avoid running into each other tonight...until they high-five each other at the end of the game.