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Gameday Thread, #23: 4/26 vs. Padres

Chris Young, RHP (2-1, 3.32)
Livan Hernandez, RHP (1-1, 3.96)

After last night, be curious to see if a fire has been lit under the D-backs - whether by Drew's ninth-inning heroics, or the mild-mannered ejection of Melvin. Be nice to win this and take the series, but whether we do or not, will largely depend on whether Hernandez v2.0 has decent command. He didn't last time out, and the result was seven runs by the Padres in the first three innings. I'd rather we didn't see that again tonight.

Chris Young - theirs - is no mean player, and had a good start last time out. Just another cog in a mean Padres rotation really. And we'll have to do it without Jackson: yesterday, that meant Chad Tracy playing first, with Callaspo at third, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Tony Clark in the lineup and covering the bag there instead. Runs would be nice. Not waiting until two outs in the bottom of the ninth would be even nicer. :-)