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Gameday Thread, #21: 4/24 vs. Padres

David Wells, LHP (0-1, 5.06)
Randy Johnson, LHP (0-0, -.--)

Is that the heady scent of Geritol in the air? Is not often there's a start where both starting pitchers are older than me, but that's the case tonight, so I'm taking the opportunity to make jokes while I can. Wells will be 44 next month, and Johnson is less than four months younger, so we've got a combined age of eighty-seven tonight. When was the last time that happened? Someone should look into that. Did Roger Clemens ever face Jamie Moyer last year?

But, of course, if you're going to have a 43-year old on the mound, I'd far rather have our one than the Padres. Though Wells was rather good against AZ last time he faced us, we'll be far more interested in how the Big Unit does, in his first game for Arizona since the unpleasant departure to New York. Much has changed there: ownership, jerseys and the name of the park to start with. What won't have changed is the man behind the plate: Robbie Hammock, who caught Johnson's perfect game, will be there again for him at Chase Field this evening. Between that and the Suns playoff game next-door, quite an evening in prospect downtown!

Unfortunately, I won't be around to comment on this one, as it's IZW Wrestling tonight. But I'll be leaping in and out of the bar as often as possible to see how it goes, and I look forward to hearing lots of opinion on how he looks. For as the Big Unit goes, so likely does the Diamondbacks' season, and after the woeful performance in San Francisco over the weekend, I think we could all use a morale-boosting victory. The rest of the season starts here...