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AZ Snakepit Fantasy Baseball, Week 3

Week 3 has produced a little more separation, but not as much as you would imagine.  There are still fourteen teams within 5 games of the new leader, Desert Dingleberries.  Baked, last weeks reigning champion falls five spaces back and continues the interesting move of ... not making moves.  There are 3 teams within one game of the top spot, giving some interesting possibilities for this weeks match-ups and of course, therre's still 19 weeks left in the season ...

Week 2 Results

GregSchulteOverdrive 6, Webby17 4 Webby Posted close wins in HR's, SB's and Saves, and won the battle of the big ERA's 5.76 to 5.77! Only 1 save was needed to win this week, and Ryan Dempster delivered for Webby as well.  But The Overdrive stepped it up in the form of Carlos Beltran and Juan Pierre, who combined for 18 runs and 11 RBI's, and both challenged for .500 for the week.  The GSO also benefited from the Mark Buehrle perfect game, who's 1 win, 8 K's and 0.11 WHIP were great stepping stones to taking the week.

Baked 3, Desert Dingleberries 6 The former leader vs. the new Sheriff in town turned out kinda one sided.  The DD's took Runs, HR's, RBI's and Average, and the 3 win's and a Trevor Hoffman save helped the split of pitching side.  30 K's each resulted in a pus, but baked stayed on the board with 1 SB, and a ERA and WHIP win.

CoJack Forever 6, Chupacabras 4 CoJack benefits to a return to form of Joe Mauer, who's RBI's, R's, SB's and Average help boost all of his offensive categories.  An amazing 6 W's, including 2 Josh Becket W's, and the Brandon Webb 13 K performance led CoJack to 2 of the Win's in the Pitching category.  Meanwhile, the relief pitching of the Goat Suckers lead to win's in Saves, ERA and WHIP, and Jim Thome lead the way with 3 homers.

Tucson Myth 8, The Don Quixotes 2 The Quixotes were unable to win a single category in batting, with a pedestrian .195 Batting Average. The Don did post a W in the W category, and out K'd the Myth 34-31.    Even with close fights in ERA and WHIP, the Myth's pitching put up just too strong of numbers.

BBTNG  4, Shenanigans 6 Shenanigans decided to use a little positive smack talk with the catching words `Let's try and NOT lose this week'.  It worked.  Strong, timely pitching, with 2 pitchers (Zito and Capuano) having 2 start, 2 win weeks, gave `Sheans' a majority of the pitching.  BBTNG salvaged Saves, and edged out HR's, RBI's and SB's, but narrow wins in R's and Avg allowed Senanigans to, in the words of Borat "Lose this week ... a-NOT!'

Eric Byrnes Sucks 4, Warlords 5 The closest scored game this week, with Warlords winning close RBI (31 to 32) and K (35 to 37) categories, and Sucks wining a close WHIP contest (1.41 to 1.45)  The  surprise homerun production by Craig Biggio and the Grand Slam helped Warlords edge out EB, as did a 3 save week by Fransico Cordero.

Crazy VII's 5, Kapsaicin Kids 4 Another very close contest, that literally coms down to a few home runs and saves in each direction.  Crazy benefited from the huge week of A-Rod (9 R's, 5 HR's, 13 RBI's) and was outscored in another close run contest, 32-31.  In Pitching, 1 win and 1 save separated both the winners and losers, and a 5.60 ERA by Kapsaicin showed that sometimes, your closers are playing T-Ball.

DBacktom 6, The Fighting Amish 4 Literally a great bating, great pitching battle.  Tom takes every offensive category, including an impressive 44-14 victory in RBI's.  The Amish hop on their wi-fi system and dial up victories in W, Saves, K and WHIP, but an era north of 4 allows Tom's 2.81 ERA to claim victory.

AZ Snakepit 4, 4 K's 4 Gonzo 5 The Snakepit says `Thank You' to Derek Jeter for hitting ahead of A-rod, as D-Jet's 8 runs help put a stomping on Gonzo's run production.  Unfortunately, Gonzo takes every other offensive category, and a Brad Lidge (Yes, that Brad Lidge) helped put the rock over the entrance to the pit.

Douchebaggery 8, 7-2 Offsuiters 2 Offensively, the Douchebag's took advantage  of a return to form of Bill Hall and a full schedule for Travis Hafner, and took great advantage of Papelbon going into cruise control this week.   A key win by Chris Ray helped the offsuiters to a victory in wins, as well as some key base running being another high point.


    TEAM                 RECORD  GB
 1. Desert Dingleberries 18-11-1  -
 2. Warlords             17-11-2  0.5
 3. Douchebaggery        17-12-1  1
 4. dbacktom             17-12-1  1
 5. The Fighting Amis    16-13-1  2
 6. Baked                14-11-5  2
 7. GregSchulteOverdrive 15-13-2  2.5
 8. Crazy VII's          14-12-4  2.5
 9. Eric Byrnes Sucks    15-13-2  2.5
10 Tucson Myth           15-14-1  3
11 BBTNG                 15-14-1  3
12 Cupacabras            14-14-2  3.5
13 The Don Quixotes      14-15-1  4
14 Kapsaicin Kids        12-15-3  5
15 CoJack Forever        13-17-0  5.5
16 4 K's 4 Gonzo         12-16-2  5.5
17 Shenanigans           11-16-3  6
18 Webby17               11-16-3  6
19 AZ SnakePit           11-18-1  7
20 7-2 Offsuiters        5-12-3   7.5
Week 3 Match-ups

Douchebaggery vs CoJack Forever
AZ SnakePit vs Crazy VIII's
dbacktom vs 4 K's 4 Gonzo
The Fighting Amish vs Webby17
Eric Byrnes Sucks vs Kapsaicin Kids
BBTNG vs Warlords
Tucson Myth vs Shenanigans
7-2 Offsuiters vs The Don Quixotes
Baked vs Chupacabras
GregSchulteOverdrive vs Desert Dingleberries