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Gameday Thread, #18: 4/20 vs. the Huge Manatee

Doug Davis, LHP (1-1, 3.38)
Russ Ortiz, RHP (1-1, 5.27)

Bulletin-board fodder from the Sacramento Bee [registration required]: "Ortiz says he doesn't feel odd about perhaps biting the hand that feeds him. He admits to not feeling guilty about not giving the Diamondbacks their money's worth, carrying his normal composure into this start."

Rarely, I think, has so much venom been carried into a game - I think every Diamondback fans wants to win this one, certainly more than any other game so far, and perhaps, more than any other game this season. This is the useless tub of lard who screwed us out of $20m, by pitching so badly, he could no longer be kept on any major-league roster. Now he's playing for the enemy. This must be an ass-whipping: what would I not give for the Manatee to waddle to the plate with two out in the bottom of the third, and get a Doug Davis fast-ball between the shoulder-blades. And the same, every time he comes to the plate. Let me hear a "Hell, yeah!"

It's pretty much a must-win, since we face Zito tomorrow, and Cain on Sunday - neither, exactly easy match-ups. But I think most fans would, in their heart of hearts, surrender those two games, if Russ Ortiz gets an absolute spanking tonight. Offense on full throttle, and no mercy.