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Gameday Thread, #17: 4/19 vs. Padres

Livan Hernandez, RHP (1-0, 1.80)
Jake Peavy, RHP (2-0, 0.90)

Definitely a challenge for Hernandez 2.0 this afternoon, as Jake Peavy appears to have returned to the form of 2004. An ERA under one after three outings? Ouch. Our hitters will definitely need to be on their best form if they want to complete the sweep here. And Livan, too, is unlikely to get very much run support, so will need to be at his craftiest, wiliest, sneakiest best as well.

Afternoon game, so I suspect most of the usual suspects will be otherwise engaged, toiling for a meagre crust, etc. My presence will largely be limited to lunch, and the occasional sneaky peek at a Yahoo mini-window, just to keep myself appraised of the action. It'll probably be low-scoring and quick; let's just hope we end up on the right side of the runs.