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Gameday Thread, #16: 4/18 vs. Padres

Brandon Webb, RHP (1-1, 5.21)
David Wells, LHP (0-1, 7.00)

Okay, a pretty lame series against the Dodgers, sinks our record against the NL West to a murky 3-5. That won't do, but a road-trip against the Padres, with the top of our rotation, and then the Giants (against whom, we could probably put up anyone whose count of functioning limbs surpasses two), should be a good chance to get things kick-started. 3-2 is a minimum for this little trip, and that'll get us back to Arizona, with the return of the Big Unit to look forward to.

Won't be around for this one, however. We're off to a talk by Dr. Nick Begich, a scientist whose interests include such things as the mysterious HAARP project - a military complex in Alaska whose purpose may be anything from benign things like communications, through to weather modification and triggering earthquakes. Heard him before, and he's always an interesting speaker: he sticks to verifiable facts and reliable sources to build his conclusions. Anyway, I feel comfortable leaving this one in the capable hands of Brandon Webb...and whoever wants to populate the GameDay thread!