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Gameday Thread, #15: 4/17 vs. Dodgers

Brett Tomko, RHP (0-0, 0.00)
Micah Owings, RHP (1-1, 1.59)

Johnson is getting another rehab start, so it looks like the next couple of outings will decide who, out of Owings or Gonzalez, are going to be leaving the rotation. So far, and particularly after last night, Owings would seem to have the inside track, but against that is the fact that he can be sent to Tucson, without clearing waivers. EdGon, in all reality, could only be stuffed in the bullpen.

We do need to start scoring some more: last night's feeble output brought our average for this home-stand down to just 3.6 runs/game, which won't win many contests. Still, a win tonight would take us to 5-3 on this stay in Phoenix, and I'd probably have settled for that before it began. We'll also be back to the top of our rotation tomorrow and Brandon Webb, so here's to Micah Pwnings being all he can be, and Melvin not screwing things up too much... :-)