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AZ Snakepit Fantasy Baseball, Week 2

The second week of games failed to sort things out significantly - indeed, if anything, it's more confused now than after week one, with half the league within 2.5 games of the current leaders, Baked. They've stood pat with their draft selections, not making a single move yet: and who can blame them. There's a three-way tie for second, just half a game back, with the don quixotes, Fighting Amish and warlords all posting the same record. However, six of the top seven teams face each other this week, so that may open the pack out a little better.

Week 2 Results

AZ SnakePit 4, The Fighting Amish 6 SnakePit surged out to an early lead, with Delmon Young's 6 runs and 5 RBI helping them take four hitting spots. But behind Sabathia's 2 wins and 17 K's, Amish fought back, sweeping pitching to snatch victory.

dbacktom 4, Webby17 5 Neither side managed a W, and that tie was enough to give the edge to Webby, even though they managed no saves and only 16 K's. For Tom, Lilly had almost as many (15); Weeks scored eight runs for Webby.

4 K's 4 Gonzo 4, Kapsaicin Kids 5 Truly a game of two halves: Kids swept hitting, Gonzo almost swept hitting - but saves were tied at zero, meaning Kids won. Jones (Kids) had three homers, while Burnett's win and 10 K's was pivotal for Gonzo.

Crazy VIII's 4, warlords 5 Despite weak hitting, war pipped the VIII's in BA by .003, thanks to Tejada batting .348, and backed that up with strong overall pitching (a WHIP of 1.03). Cordero had three saves for them; A-Rod and Rollins three homers apiece for the VIII's,

Eric Byrnes Sucks 7, Shenanigans 2 Sucks sucked up all the pitching categories, despite a WHIP of 1.50; Weathers three saves helped there. Batting was evenly split, Shenanigans stealing seven bases, with Young's seven RBI leading all players here.

BBTNG 3, the don quixotes 6 BBTNG started briskly, taking the first two categories, but the rest was all don. Neither team reached .250, but Hamels' win and 10 K's stood out for don, whose ERA was a healthy 2.50. Jenks (BBTNG) was the only closer to get a save.

Tucson Myth 2, Douchebaggery 7 Myth were a bit unlucky: normally a 2.28 ERA would be enough to win, but Douche posted a 1.97. Three homers for Lee helped them reach double-figures there; Robertson's win and 10 K's were Myth's best performance.

7-2 Offsuiters 3, Chupacabras 5 RBI and Saves were tied, with Chupa's hitting just enough to get them through. Jones had 3 HR for 7-2, but they batted just .211; Street vultured up two relief wins for Chupa, and Suppan's 9 K's was the best seen in the game.

CoJack Forever 3, Desert Dingleberries 7 Desert took the first seven categories, before CoJack restored some respectability to the score late. Beltre had 2 HR and 9 RBI for Cojack, winning them both areas; Beckett (Cojack) had 8 K's and a 0.29 WHIP.

Baked 5, GregSchulteOverdrive 3 Ian Kinsler led the league with 4 homers, and batted .476, but it was Baked's pitching that sealed this, posting a 0.81 WHIP, with only Daniel Cabrera above one. Hunter stole three bases and hit .360 for Greg.


    TEAM                 RECORD  GB
 1. Baked                11-5-4  -
 2. the don quixotes     12-7-1  0.5
 3. The Fighting Amish   12-7-1  0.5
 4. warlords             12-7-1  0.5
 5. Desert Dingleberries 12-8-0  1
 6. Eric Byrnes Sucks    11-8-1  1.5
 7. dbacktom             11-8-1  1.5
 8. BBTNG                11-8-1  1.5
 9. Chupacabras          10-8-2  2
10. Crazy VIII's         9-8-3   2.5
11. GregSchulteOverdrive 9-9-2   3
12. Douchebaggery        9-10-1  3.5
13. Kapsaicin Kids       8-10-2  4
14. 7-2 Offsuiters       8-10-2  4
15. Webby17              7-10-3  4.5
16. 4 K's 4 Gonzo        7-12-1  5.5
17. Tucson Myth          7-12-1  5.5
18. AZ SnakePit          7-13-0  6
19. CoJack Forever       7-13-0  6
20. Shenanigans          5-12-3  6.5

Week 3 Match-ups

AZ SnakePit vs 4 K's 4 Gonzo
dbacktom vs The Fighting Amish
Crazy VIII's vs Kapsaicin Kids
Eric Byrnes Sucks vs warlords
BBTNG vs Shenanigans
Tucson Myth vs the don quixotes
7-2 Offsuiters vs Douchebaggery
CoJack Forever vs Chupacabras
Baked vs Desert Dingleberries
GregSchulteOverdrive vs Webby17