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Gameday Thread, #9: 4/10 vs. Reds

Kyle Lohse, RHP (0-0, 2.84)
Edgar Gonzalez, RHP (1-0, 3.60)

After last night's thrilling victory, can anything quite compare? Probably not, but I think - for the sake of our nerves - we would take a blowout victory tonight. Certainly doubt we'll see Jose Valverde this evening, though we should have Juan Cruz back and available. Be nice to see some members of the bullpen other than Valverde, Lyon (five games each) and Medders (four).

Regrettably, won't be around for this one, since we're off to IZW wrestling tonight. Be interesting to see how Edgar Gonzalez does in his second start. Though it would generally appear likely that he'll survive the return of Randy Johnson to the rotation, if Micah Owings keeps throwing five innings of one-hit ball... We've had three straight quality starts, and our rotation ERA has dropped all the way down to a miniscule 2.30. Let's hope EdGon can deliver something similar, and we can enter uncharted territory as far as the start of a season goes.