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Gameday Thread, #0: 3/25 vs. Rockies

Edgar Gonzalez, RHP (3-0, 4.85)
Rodrigo Lopez, RHP (1-2, 9.00)

Hello...hello...It's good to be back, good to be back. Almost five months since the last one of these, and with today's game on Fox Sports AZ, it seems a good time to break out the GameDay Threads, with their new color scheme [Yeah, I know - still need to get a new version of the logo]. I'll also be borrowing Mrs. SnakePit's laptop, to see how this blogging in front of the TV works. It should certainly increase the volume, since I won't have to sprint to the office between innings: what it'll do for the coherency, I'm less willing to say. Probably expect more, "Haha! Mark Grace just insulted Daron Sutton!"-style posts.

EdGon goes for us, and the fifth spot in the rotation looks set to be his on Opening Day, save injury. He's pitched 13 innings so far, and the vast majority of them have been pretty good: he also has an immaculate K:BB ratio, currently sitting at 11:1. [Between him an EnGon, they've walked only three in 27.1 innings this spring] He faces Rodrigo Lopez, whom I'll be keen to see, as he's the one we had our bet with RoxGirl about in the off-season: who'll be better, Lopez or Hernandez v2.0. We know how Livan has been, so I'm hoping for equal suckiness from Lopez today.

The AZ SnakePit Fantasy Draft also takes place at 3pm - that's Arizona time, so I've been reliably informed [hmmm...though maybe that was just a cunning ploy to make me turn up late!]. So I'll be taking part in the early rounds of that; how long for, may depend on when Mrs. SnakePit needs her laptop back. She gets antsy if she can't update her MySpace page on a daily basis...much as I do, if I can't update this blog! Think I'd better spend a little time working on my player list, in case something happens...