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Quentin gets a chip off his shoulder...

Well, today's the day. Not so much for any baseball-related reasons, as because tonight sees Mrs. SnakePit's long-awaited, much-planned Ying Yang Twins concert at The Sets in Tempe. All the promotion, organization, preparation and anticipation are over: by this time tomorrow, it'll be over, one way or another. Hopefully, we will be rolling in a vat of money, after a thousand people storm the venue, though my pessimism naturally whispers that no-one will show, and we'll end up several grand out of pocket. We just have no idea: we've never booked a national act like this, so do not know what to expect. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that everyone has fun and it's a mellow time.

Carlos Quentin has, as noted by William K, a tear in the labrum of his left shoulder, and won't swing a bat until at least the 26th, even though it's his non-throwing arm. If that injury sounds familiar, it's probably because a torn labrum is what ended Richie Sexson's season in 2004. There is, however, no indication that this is anything like as serious - at least, going by Bob Melvin's comment that, and I quote, "It's a non-surgical type of thing." However, he then went on to compare it to Craig Counsell's labrum injury last year - and I seem to recall him missing a fair chunk of time in the end.

Here's an article worth reading on labrum tears; it explains the basics, implications and treatments, though without knowing the specifics of Quentin's injury it's inevitably going to be vague. I am comforted by the final sentence, however: "a vast majority of patients have full function of the shoulder after labrum repair, and most patients can return to their previous level of sports with no or few restrictions." At least it's happened before the start of the season, so he'll miss less games than if it was torn during the year.

And more "good" news (hey, we're looking for that silver lining): since it's his non-throwing shoulder, he can still do just about everything except swing the bat. "He will continue to do all his throwing and his running," said the manager. "The only thing he can't do is hit." Of course, that's a bit like saying, the only thing Christopher Reeve can't do is walk. We'll see how things pan out, and whether Quentin is ready for Opening Day or not. The temptation to pop him on the DL and help free up the logjam of outfielders must be significant.

As noted, if he does miss time, it seems likely Byrnes will shift to right, with Hairston becoming the everyday left fielder. DaVanon's status remain uncertain - I'm wondering how long his rehab assignment in Tucson will last - and if he is also absent, Krynzel would become the fourth outfielder [I notice he started in right today]. All told, it sucks to see Quentin miss any time, but to be blunt, I can't say it will hurt the Diamondbacks offensively, all that much. Defensively, on the other hand...if I were Bob Melvin, I'd probably want to staple both Hairston and Byrnes to their spots in the corners, and let Chris Young deal with everything hit to the outfield.

Good performance yesterday, an 8-1 victory over Seattle, which saw Edgar Gonzalez become the first Arizona starter to pitch into the fifth inning, with the only damage coming on a solo homer in the fifth. That was the only extra-base hit allowed all day, and we also gave the Mariners no walks. EdGon gave up four hits, striking out four, while Carrasco permitted a pair of hits in three innings, before Peña pitched a perfect ninth. All told, our pitchers faced only five batters over the minimum, though many of the Seattle regulars were not playing. Much of the damage for the Diamondbacks was done in a five-run fourth, which featured back-to-back homers from Young (with two aboard) and then Drew. Barden went 3-for-4, and is now batting .436, while Callaspo had a pair of hits and is at .415 for the spring.

Another reminder: this afternoon's game against the Angels from Tempe Diablo is live on Fox Sports Arizona, so set whatever recording devices you may have for that. As we won't be back to the house until around 2am, I won't be able to watch the game tonight [collapsing into bed will probably be about it, with removal of shoes possible but not required], but will probably do that on Thursday since I've got the day off. Well, actually, I'm not sure I have the day off - the schedule pinned to the wall still lists me as working - but having put in my request more than a week ago, I'm taking the day off, dammit...

Was watching Fever Pitch this morning, and there was the following exchage, which I think should be read, in order to put some perspective on...well, pretty much everything at the moment!

Lindsey: You and your buddies go down to Florida for spring break? At your age?
Ben: No, no, no, not spring break. Spring training with the Red Sox.
Lindsey: Oh, you get to train with the Red Sox? Are you allowed to do that?
Ben: Well, we don't actually- We watch the games.
Lindsey: Aren't those just practice games?
Ben: Yeah, yeah, but there's more to it than that. We scout the players. We-We say which players they should keep...which they should get rid of.
Lindsey: And the Red Sox ask your opinion?
Ben: Well, not yet. But if they ever do...

Finally, not really of any significance, I was watching an advert for the Scion tonight, and in the bottom right-hand of the screen, it said, "Computer graphic representation. Not real car." If you've seen the commercial, you'll know why needing to state that is utterly ludicrous. It's like watching The 300 with a caption in the corner saying "Not real Spartans."