The future of baseball...

This was inspired by biggerunit1's belief that MLB will be gone in 30 years. I've rescued his comments in an earlier post, and moved them to this diary as a kicking-off point for a discussion about where baseball is, and where it'll go in future. Is the game in decline? If so how would you correct it? Or does the increase in attendance over the past few years indicate the game is generally healthy? No-one would claim its perfect, of course, but do you think it's in trouble, and if so, how serious? What would you do if you were commissioner? Here's biggerunit1's post:

People are watching less and less b/c ignorant people have been passing around the idea that "baseball is boring." So then one gullible drone picks that up and starts passing it around to the others. Soon a large number of people consider baseball boring simply b/c others told them to think that way.

The Yankee/financial situation can only get worse b/c of how stubborn players are. To initial a salary cap, I'm pretty sure the players union would have to agree, which they simply won't because god knows what they would do if Gil Meche doesn't get his lottery winnings for being worse than league average. The result here? A LONG strike. You saw what happened when the NHL went on strike for a year. They've lost MANY fans. You saw what happened when baseball went on strike in 1994. They lost MANY fans. Who knows where MLB would be now if it weren't for roid-boys Sosa and McGwire restoring interest in the game with their cheating? So could you possibly imagine what would happen with a 1 yr+ strike?

Furthermore, people are sick of steroids and MLB continues to do nothing other than add more slaps to the wrist rather than a kick to the skull. Could you imagine if in each city the star player was revealed taking steroids? How many people and kids would be crushed knowing their idol was cheating? MLB wouldn't want to lose that many people, so they, at least on their own, will not make every player test. MLB probably has some bribes in place keeping Congress from really kicking Major League ass.

People are/will get sick of the cheating, unfairness, and player selfishness. This is why other sports are becoming more attractive entertainment options.

I'll maybe get some chance to work on my thoughts regarding these questions tomorrow least until the tap on the shoulder arrives! :-)