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Dbacks Daily 10/9/07 - Positive Spin

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Devin said he was thinking of going into anti-media lockdown (presumably to keep himself from choking every 20 minutes, rightfully), I figured it'd be a good thing to have a 'Daily for today and tomorrow with emphasis on the * positive * stories. So when we post links in here, let's mark them as thumbs-up or thumbs-down so people can avoid them if they want to. :) All neutral or thumbs-up things here on the front page.

Game times have been announced for Games 1-6 according to the Republic.

  1. Thu Oct 11, Chase Field, 5:37pm PT (8:37 ET)
  2. Fri Oct 12, Chase Field, 7:18pm PT (10:18 ET)
  3. Sun Oct 14, Coors Field, 5:37pm PT (8:37 ET)
  4. Mon Oct 15, Coors Field, 7:18pm PT (10:18 ET)
  5. * Wed Oct 17, Coors Field, 5:37pm PT (8:37 ET)
  6. * Fri Oct 19, Chase Field, 5:37pm PT (8:37 ET)
  7. * Sat Oct 20, Chase Field, TBD
Notes in the Republic talk mainly on Jeff Salazar, and his connection to the Rockies. He still likes those guys but he's very happy where he is now and certainly doesn't want to see them celebrate again! Also note that the rotation after Webb is not yet set (at least, not yet announced); Micah Owings is set to throw in the Instruction League game today and would be a likely candidate for Game 4. Brief un-baseball related Q and A with Justin Upton. Nick Piecoro writes about the rise of the NL West (nothing there we didn't already know) and there's also a small story about the lack of "Dbacks Fever."

Also not announced is anything about the NLCS roster; that'll be tomorrow, and it sounds like there might be a roster move announced. Both teams welcome the rest (Hurdle was out yesterday with the flu) and BoMel, of course, is hoping it helps cool the Rockies down from their hot streak. The Rockies hope the break lets them get back some of their injured players. Dbacks get an A in chemistry: team chemistry that is. This is a complete team they've assembled here, good guys without egos and where everyone contributes.

From mediocre players to marvelous managers come this group in the NLCS. Francona, Wedge, Melvin and Hurdle all had quiet playing careers but are finally getting their World Series chances as managers. Know what else is mediocre? The payrolls of these CS teams. Okay, so Boston's #2, but the rest of us are at least 21 spots behind that! Cleveland's #23, Colorado's #25, and Arizona's #26. It makes some interesting comparisons to football and basketball as well.

That's it for now, more tomorrow.

So... what's everybody watching on TV tonight? I'm lost without a baseball game.

[Updated 10/10/07]
Some stories from today:

Tony Clark, Father Snake Column on Tony Clark and what his presence has meant to this young team. Bob Melvin plans the same 4-man rotation as the Cubs series but still no word on the final roster.

Some good features on Livo and Mark Reyonlds (really a "year in review" thing for him). Also sort of a year in review on the injuries and their replacements from Double- and Triple-A. The Republic reports on the growing Rockies rivalry and the homegrown talent on both squads.