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Gameday Thread, NLDS #3: 10/6 vs. Cubs

Livan Hernandez (32, RHP, 11-11, 4.93)
Rich Hill (27, LHP, 11-8, 3.92) preview [opens in new window]

Okay, figured I might as well get thus up sooner, rather than later: that way, I can get everything out of the way, and kick back to relax what promises to be a fun game. Once again, all the pressure is on the Cubs: worst-case scenario for Arizona today involves us still holding a 2-1 lead, and knowing that we can still turn to Brandon Webb should it be necessary. Worst-case scenario for Chicago, involves the end of the 2007 season. I can't say I am ever confident with Livan on the mound, but I've seen very little to fear in the Cubs through the first two games. Which probably just means they will explode for sixteen runs this afternoon.

Mind you, according to Bleed Cubbie Blue, the wind will be blowing out a bit at Wrigley, so we might score sixteen runs too. We faced Hill there in July: he got a no-decision, with the win for Arizona coming on Drew's homer off the Cubs 'pen. Livan hasn't faced him as a Diamondbacks, but there are several opposing players who have excellent numbers lifetime: Ramirez (.385), Kendall (.355) and Floyd (.341), all with more than 25 at-bats. Livan will need to step it up: in his five September starts, he threw 27 innings, but allowed 41 hits and 12 walks, for an OOBP of .433 and an ERA of 6.67. That won't fly today, Mr. Hernandez - though in his defense he was unlucky, with a BA on balls in play of a hefty .368, so the balls were finding holes. Here's to that trend ending today.

Should be around for this one, needless to say: sitting in the same positions on the couch, drinking the same beer (Stella Artois) and with Mrs. SnakePit by my side. Might be slightly-late there, as we are dropping a present off at a grandchild's birthday party this afternoon. But needless to say, excuses will rapidly be being made for that, so we'll see if perhaps we can reach 1,000 comments: though as long as we sweep the Cubs out of the playoffs, that's the main thing. And tomorrow, they can hang a dead, skinned bear from Harry Carey's statue, rather than a goat...