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DBacks Daily 10/5/07 - Save tonight... tomorrow I'll be gone

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Quote of the Day #1: "The fastball, which came in at a commendable 92 mph, ended up in the left-field seats. Lilly fired his glove to the mound in frustration; the glove was clocked at 93." - Randy Hill,

Quote of the Day #2: Have to say, for 2 pitchers, Lilly and Hart sound more like a Valentine card. - hotclaws

Well Papa Grande saved (not technically) yesterday's game for us, and off we go to Chicago!! We take a 2-0 series lead with us, but we can't get cocky. The last time a team lost a 2-0 series was Oakland (and Byrnes was a part of that loss) and it was an absolutely terrible feeling. That said, I feel pretty good about this one! :) Even if the Cubs' bats do come alive in the friendly confines, I think we can match them, and our bullpen is pretty well rested if needed.

The media certainly didn't think we'd be up 2-0 in this series (honestly, who did?) so I think there's going to be a lot of news today and tomorrow. I'm sorry that I don't have time to capture everything or even read them right now, let alone write about them in a better format. 'Skins will provide more in the comments, I know. :) As should you all! This is what this thread was intended to do, be the center of information, and I'm very proud of everybody's contributions.

Arizona Republic

Two American League contests going on today, not terribly exciting yet as they're only Game #2 for each series. I think I'll worry about the AL in the CS. In the meantime, rest easy, and be patient, my young Dbacks. Do not feel overwhelmed with the increase in media attention you are surely noticing... play your game, and you will win!