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Gameday Thread, NLDS #2: 10/4 vs. Cubs

Gameday Thread, NLDS #1: 10/4 vs. Cubs

Ted Lilly (31, LHP, 15-8, 3.83)
Doug Davis (31, LHP, 13-12, 4.25) preview [opens in new window]

Getting this one up early again, since I'm going to be training all afternoon, and am then heading over the ballpark to meet Al from BCB, and probably a few other Cubs fans for a beer and, probably, a merciless beating with blunt objects before the game. So I will likely be a little late to this party, but I'm sure, after last night's tidal-wave of comments, that this shouldn't be a problem. I remember the days when we were delighted to reach 200 posts on a long ago that all seems now.

Definitely a key win for Arizona last night, rendering tonight's game virtually a must-win for the Cubs. The pressure will be on them, both from outside and within, and they're likely to come out of the blocks with all guns blazing [a ferociously-mixed metaphor, I must admit]. If the Diamondbacks can hold them at bay for the first couple of innings, or even take the lead themselves, we could begin to see panic break out in the visitor's dugout. Whoever's sitting next to Zambrano had better watch out. :-) Okay, that's the best-case scenario. Much like last night, this promises to be a tough struggle, with both teams giving their all. But our worst-case scenario is losing home-field advantage in a best-of-three series; the Cubs' worst-case scenario is going down 2-0 and facing three elimination games.

As noted previously, Davis did beat the Cubs at Chase earlier in the season, restricting them to one run over seven innings, on six hits and a walk, while striking out a season-high tying eight. We may see Kendall in the lineup tonight, since he's hitting .313 against us: on the other hand, he couldn't throw out bath-water, so if he does start, expect to see us whizzing round the base-paths. The two Cubs with most at-bats against Davis haven't done well in the past (Ramirez 5-for-22; Lee 4-for-22), but Soriano and Jones have had success, while Theriot is 4-for-6. For most D-backs, their first encounter with Lilly was the game in August; only Byrnes (4-for-14) and Clark (5-for-21) have more than ten at-bats.

Let's see how things go tonight. Here's to Davis placing another foot on the Cubs' collective shoulders, and getting us ready to deliver the killing blow on Saturday.