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DBacks Daily (Weekly?) 10/28/07 - Rumor Roundup

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Hi everybody. Hope you're all enjoying (or not) the World Series. Well there's not enough news yet to do a "Daily" but there have been some things posted this week that are of note.

First, as Ben pointed out, the Diamondbacks lost another scout to the Nationals. Sounds like the Nats will have a good team in a few years time.

The Mailbag for last week discussed the options of pitching. We expect to lose Livo to free agency and who knows about RJ's back, so we need at least one starter. The Chicago Tribune reports that Livan would like to join his brother in New York. He's looking for a 3 or 4 year deal and I'm sure Arizona's management is not going to concede to that. Nippert is a possibility, but it looks more likely to happen via trades. Rumors have Jackson, Tracy and Gonzalez on the trade block, with Tracy less so than Jackson because of his knee. notes discuss Melvin's future - he met with Josh Byrnes at several Fall League games, almost assuredly about an extension, but had no comment on his situation. Byrnes said he intends to bring all the coaching staff back, and he's one step closer to that with exercising Bryan Price's option for 2008.

Tonight is World Series Game 4, and it could very well be the last MLB game of the year. Personally, I would be very sad if Boston won, not only for Colorado, but because the streak of 7 different winners in 7 years would be broken. But the irony here is rich - Arizona swept Chicago and then was swept by Colorado, will Colorado sweep Arizona and be swept by Boston? Tune in tonight to find out...