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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Final Results

Slightly-delayed, as I expected them to include last night's game in the scores, since they count towards the overall standings and season's stats. However, it appears that was too much for Yahoo's systems to handle, and so that was discounted. Probably wouldn't have made much difference, especially in the Championship Game. And speaking of which...


4 K's 4 Gonzo 8, Bob Melvin Sucks 0 Melvin may or may not suck, but there's no doubting the result here, as #2 seeds Gonzo swept majestically to victory. Soriano swatted six homers, while Braun both scored and drove in 14 runs, as they batted .314 for the two weeks. They swept pitching entirely, behind Burnett's two wins and 24 K's, with Lidge picking up four saves. Bob failed to win a single category, tying HR and RBI, and will have to be content with the runners-up spot this season.

Dbacktom 6, Crazy VIII's 4 tom completed the podium finishers, rising from #6 seed to take third-place in a closely-fought victory over VIII. Most categories were very close: highlights include Abreu (tom) with 14 runs, and A-Rod (VIII) who drove in 15. Lackey won three games for tom, while Borowski picked up five saves for VIII. The turning point was probably RBI, which tom took by a single run, with Winn scoring thirteen for them. That proved to be the margin of victory.

Shenanigans 6, Douchebaggery 4 In the consolation tournament, Shen rushed out to an early lead, and held on to take seventh, in the face of a strong comeback from Douche. Shen hit .330, while Batista won three games for them. Byrnes stole five bases for Douche, who also got 19 K's from Gallardo, though they managed only 23 RBI in two weeks. Cano and Young combined for more than that on Shen's team.

7-2 Offsuiters 5, Desert Dingleberries 3 Ryan Howard had the best performance of any player in the final round, with nine homers and 21 RBI, as 7-2 took both categories. Desert hit .324, with Wright batting .426 and scoring 13 runs, but that was their only victory at the plate. Pettitte and Silva had two wins apiece for 7-2: Hoffman got five saves for Desert, though will be more remembered for the two chances he blew.

Final Standings

  1. 4 K's 4 Gonzo
  2. Bob Melvin Sucks
  3. dbacktom
  4. Crazy VIII's
  5. The Fighting Amish
  6. Kapsaicin Kids
  7. Shenanigans
  8. Douchebaggery
  9. 7-2 Offsuiters
  10. Desert Dingleberries
  11. CoJack Forever
  12. GregSchulteOverdrive
  13. BBTNG
  14. Chupacabras
  15. warlords
  16. The Don Quixotes
  17. Baked
  18. Tucson Myth
  19. AZ SnakePit
  20. Webby17

Thanks to all who took part, for a fun season. We'll do it all again in 2008, with sign-ups opening around the start of Spring Training. This year's participants will get priority in next year's slots. Congratulations to 4 K's 4 Gonzo, for their victory, and if they email me their address, I will get the prize-pack, including the O-Dawg Bobblehead, on its way ASAP.