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DBacks Daily 10/15/07 - It wasn't roaring, it was weeping

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Sorry guys, I've been sick the past few days and hardly had the energy to type, but I figured if you wanted to read the bad news, there was no shortage of it. And unfortunately, that trend continues today, because the losing trend continued last night.

Eric Byrnes was right, this team hasn't given anybody any reason to believe they're going to win this thing. They're not up there scratching and clawing for runs as they did all season long, they're swinging at first pitches (Drew, Callaspo) and popping out (Byrnes, Young) and striking out (Reynolds, Salazar, Upton) when we need hits. The team isn't really here, not the team that picks itself up after losses like this. We aren't out there roaring for a win with only 4 runs scored in the first three games. This team can do better, but it hasn't shown up yet, and it's hard to tell if it will.. Down 3-0, it's not impossible to come back from this, but frankly I'd almost (not totally) rather be swept tonight and have the Rockies go on to sweep the AL team out of the World Series... that would be pretty cool to see.

Anyway. On to some of the news of the day. (There's plenty more out there.) Torrealba spoiled Livan's (Republic) magic show last night with a blast to put this one firmly out of reach in the 6th. At the moment, Owings is still set and ready (Republic) to pitch tonight in Game 4, but that could change.. Other changes include Jeff Cirillo starting tonight (Republic) at second base in place of Ojeda, who hasn't looked terribly good at the plate all series.

Despite the hole and the need for a great comeback (, the Dbacks actually still have a lot of confidence ( that they can come back and rattle off some wins. And as Tony Clark says, he's been on the losing end of it, so he knows how possible that is.

The Rockies are ready to put this one away, (SportsTicker) but there's still a game to be played. Maybe Micah Owings' bat will do some good (SportsTicker) in the lineup tonight. It's Game 4, tonight, (InsideEdge) 7:18pm, TBS.