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Gameday Thread, NLCS #2: 10/12 vs. Rockies

Ubaldo Jimenez (23, RHP, 4-4, 4.28)
Doug Davis (31, LHP, 13-12, 4.25) preview [opens in new window]

Here's to a better game last night, for all concerned - and, perhaps, that includes the umpires. Let's hope that has flushed the Arizona system of all misfortune and suck; it has to be said, this team has frequently demonstrated a resilience, and they do seem very good at letting yesterday be forgotten. They certainly need to bounceback in full force, otherwise we will be in serious trouble.

Jimenez has done a very good job of shutting Arizona down the last couple of times he's faced us: only four hits in 13 innings of work, with 16 K's. However, he didn't get the decision either time, and he can be hit - the Dodgers got nine off him in four innings on September 25th. Davis, meanwhile, has an ERA just above three against the Rockies this year, though all his starts came in April and May - which might work either way.

Going to be at this one, so I certainly hope for a more robust performance. We'll be in Section 110, row 30 should anyone [icecoldmo, who I believe is selling beer so has a license to roam!] want to swing by tonight. We'll also be in the Hard Rock Cafe, for about an hour from around 5:45 in my case. Just look for the SnakePit jerseys. I will, of course, also be stocking up on sharpened coins, blocks of concrete and darts, to lob at the umpires if things get boring tonight.

Speaking of which, they've released info on the four men arrested during last night's game. Curiously, it seems they were arrested for fighting, rather than throwing things; am forced to wonder which team they were supporting. Seems kinda unlikely D-backs fans would battle each other, but booze does strange things to some people. Me, I just become affectionate and get a strong urge for a doner kebab. :-) [That would be "gyro" for American readers...]