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DBacks Daily 10/12/07 - Get'cha head in the game

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Sorry for the delay in this, I didn't have a great night last night. (And I don't just mean the game, I mean the Chinese food.) But it's not like much of the news this morning is positive, anyway. (Sorry, Devin.)

Clearly last night was not a pretty game: not from the offense, not from the umpires, and not from the fans. The offense did not come through when it needed to pick up Webb. The umpires didn't have the best judgement, not only at second base but also with the variable strike zone. And the fans, while I applaud their noise and getting involved in the game (finally), should not have actually gotten involved in the game, thereby further allowing the media to paint us all with the same brush.

Obviously the latter is the big storyline of the day, and we all know it. I won't spend too much time dwelling on it but I will list the articles for discussion: Jeff Passan - Hello? Any Diamondbacks fans out there? (Yahoo); Amy Nelson - Touch of controversy (ESPN); Unruly fans stop game (AP). Tulowitzky didn't like (Republic) Upton's antics but Upton says he did as he was taught (Republic).  Derrick Hall says that the fans will be watched closely tonight (Republic). (Another rehash of the situation at

Believe it or not, there was actually a game played last night.. not that it was very good. Willy Taveras was activated (Republic) and gave the lineup a different look, not to mention he can cause problems ( on the base paths. Jeff Francis isn't a wow-pitcher, but certainly cruised after the first (Republic). The Rockies frustrated Webb as they have all year (AP), which Webb says was tough luck last night (, and the offense couldn't bail him out ( And so the Diamondbacks head back to the drawing board after a loss in Game 1 (Republic).

And today is another day, another day to play the game, another chance for a W. We throw Doug Davis tonight (, who seems unfazed by this, and don't forget we've got Hernandez in Game 3. These starters' experience outweighs (Republic) that of the Rockies' starters, and hopefully that'll prove to be an advantage.

Here's a tidbit: a contract extension for Melvin (Tribune) will likely be discussed soon. The Trib also explains why Bonifacio, Petit and Medders are still with the team (injury insurance). And here's something I had no clue about: Carlos Quentin underwent surgery (Republic) on his left shoulder and will be sidelined until April. That could put a kink in the Dbacks' off-season plans (aka trades).

Alright everybody, let's get our heads in the game, let's hope the Dbacks get theirs in the right places, and let's WIN tonight! Davis vs Jimenez, 7:18pm. Be there or be here or... or else.