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Gameday Thread, #142/143: 9/9 + 9/10 vs. Cardinals

Doubling your pleasure today: we're off to Lake Tahoe for the day tomorrow, taking advantage of Mrs. SnakePit's new perks as an employee of US Airways. :-) This, however, means a departure at an ungodly hour in the morning, and since we're running a comedy show tonight, there will be no chance to get a report up after tonight's game. Hence, here are the threads for both Saturday and Sunday, to keep you occupied. Normal service will be resumed on Monday, with coverage of those two games, Heroes and Zeroes, and results from the first round of playoffs in the Fantasy Baseball league.

Jason Marquis, RHP (14-13, 5.73)
Brandon Webb, RHP (14-6, 3.14)

Hopefully, we won't have used up our series quota of runs in yesterday's blowout victory, and will have a little left to provide Brandon Webb some run support. He's going for his 15th win, as he continues his quest for Cy Young glory: it's still looking to be a very tight race in the NL, with no-one really looking like breaking out of the pack. Chris Carpenter and Brad Penny are the only players on teams that look likely to be playoff bound, and Penny got smacked around something awful by the Mets earlier in the week.

Marquis, like Webb, has fourteen wins, so I guess he, too, is going for his fifteenth. However, that ERA explains why his record is barely over .500; he's the anti-Batista, in that he has only had two no-decisions in 29 starts so far, the last one way back on July 13th. I guess this counts as taking responsibility for your own actions? He had a good outing last time, but over six August starts had an ERA of 6.75, which isn't so hot. I'm thinking Webb will deliver the goods, and our offense will have another good night.

Jeff Suppan, RHP (11-7, 4.39)
Enrique Gonzalez, RHP (3-7, 5.64)

We're lucky not to face Carpenter this series - especially in a four-game set. However, Suppan has been almost as good as the Cards ace since the All-Star break, allowing one run or less in seven of his ten starts. Over the final three, covering 21.2 innings, he's given up just one earned run, on sixteen hits with 12 K's. He does walk people (nine in three starts), which might work against him. His last appearance, he also threw a season-high 121 pitches, on the heels of a 119-pitch start, so we can also hope fatigue might be playing a part.

Will this be Enrique's last start of the year? It certainly could be, since based on Edgar's strong outing earlier in the week, he seems the better pitcher. Enrique was fine early on against the Marlins, one-hitting them through five innings; however, he blew up in the sixth inning, and ended up getting tagged with another loss. If the net result [six earned runs] is something similar today, don't be surprised if he gets moved to the bullpen so we can take a better look at Edgar.