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Gameday Thread, #139: 9/6 vs. Marlins

Edgar Gonzalez, RHP (1-2, 6.27)
Anibal Sanchez, RHP (6-2, 3.22)

Just a token pregame commentary today, since I got distracted by the magnificent Chow Yun-Fat/John Woo film, The Killer. Two hours of melodrama and high-octane shootouts, capped with one of the all-time grandest gun-battles ever, in a church. Neither Chow nor Woo have quite lived up to this level of intensity in their Hollywood work, though I confess to a guilty regard for Mission Impossible: II.

Anyway. In Florida today, we have called up the other Gonzalez, Edgar, for his first appearance with the Diamondbacks since July 16th. Be interesting to see how he does: for Tucson, he only had a 3-8 record, which is quite an impressive fear, given how dominating the Sidewinders were. It will probably be one and done for him, regardless of how he performs, since this was only necessary because of the double-header in Florida. He lost both of his starts, back in June, but his second was credible enough, going seven innings and allowing three earned runs. He did, at least, get the win in relief on July 9th, his first victory since 2003, but his career figure is still 3-12.

Sanchez, must confess, I don't know that much about, but on this Marlins team, that's probably true for most a) players, and b) people outside Florida. I know he came to them from Boston, as part of the Beckett trade, and has been living up to expectations, with a string of six straight quality starts. Doesn't give me much cause to optimistic, but look what happened yesterday. Hopefully, Melvin will keep the winning line-up intact, though we already know Montero will be behind the plate for Arizona.

Oh, and I note that the D'backs president has resigned. More on that shortly, but we've just had the first pitch, so I'd better get this up!