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Gameday Thread, #136: 9/3 vs. Nationals

Brandon Webb, RHP (14-5, 3.02)
Tony Armas, RHP (8-10, 5.28)

Another thread posted the night before, since I will not be up in anything like time for first pitch Sunday morning. And after the horrors of yesterday, I think I dare hardly tune in until we've got past that apparently tricky eighth inning. However, it is Webb pitching, going for his fifteenth win of the year, which deserves my support, so I might tune in, purely for that. Armas is the third pitcher this weekend with an ERA of more than five that we've seen - though given the results of our encounters with the first two, I'm not reading too much into this.

Part of me wants us to lose, in that the sooner any illusion of competition is erased, the sooner we can get all the rookies playing, and the better we'll be for next season. But I just can't bring myself to wish that for a Webb start, while any hope of his Cy Young remains. So: go, D'backs. Comments may or may not follow from me, but yours will, as always, be welcome...