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Gameday Thread, #160: 9/29 vs. Padres

Clay Hensley, RHP (11-11, 3.73)
Livan Hernandez, RHP (12-13, 4.95)

Let's hope Part II of the Gonzo Farewell Weekend goes a bit better than the first act, shall we say. Not immediately optimistic, seeing that Hensley has been lights-out for the past couple of months. However, Hernandez v2.0 has been pretty solid of late, and so there might be some hope for us. First pitch is looming, and not much time to write more, as I had a fun, but kinda weird afternoon. It was the 6th birthday of Brain Damage Films, so we celebrated that down at The Sets, with beers, food and an appropriately horror-themed cake.

Bizarrely, when we were at the supermarket, picking up the cake, some guy, entranced by it, came up and introduced himself as the nephew of Tod Browning, director of 1932 horror classic Freaks. Strange world... But contrary to suitsme's fears, I should be around for most of that one, so comments will follow. Please feel free to join me. Though I might skip the margaritas tonight. :-)

PS. Can William K drop me an email ( Tried to find an address on BBTNG, but had no luck. Nothing crucial.