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Gameday Thread, #156: 9/25 vs. Giants

Edgar Gonzalez, RHP (2-3, 4.41)
Jason Schmidt, RHP (11-8, 3.50)

Oh, crap: we're bottom of the division again. How did that happen? AZ continues their California Fall Tour 2006, with their final road series of the year, against the Giants. And EdGon's streak of dubious luck continues. His first start, his opposing counterpart throws a no-hitter; his second opponent had the edge in career victories by a margin of 229-3; and, tonight, he faced someone in the top five for Cy Young votes, two of the past three years. True, Jason Schmidt is not perhaps quite the force he was 2003-04, when he went 35-12, but he still is, as far as the D'backs are concerned: we are totally pwned, as I believe the gamespeak is.

If I remember, we haven't beaten Schmidt in something like sixteen starts, going all the way back to mid-2003. Even last time, when we smacked him around like never before - eight hits, two walks and six earned runs in six innings - he escaped with a no-decision. The man appears to have some kind of evil eye over Arizona. But Edgar Gonzalez has been excellent in his last two start, particularly the one versus the Padres, where he limited them to a run on six hits over seven innings. He's making a strong case to being in the rotation for 2007, and I currently tend to think that dumping him would be a mistake.