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Gameday Thread, #155: 9/24 vs. Dodgers

Livan Hernandez, RHP (12-13, 5.08)
Hong-Chih Kuo, LHP (1-5, 4.72)

Quick spot of posting, since British mate Damien is coming over - Mrs. SnakePit has gone to work for the day, so it's just us lads, and and a gentle Sunday afternoon of beer 'n' baseball is likely. Excellent result for the D'backs last night, and we still remain technically in playoff contention - though BP's simulation didn't come up with such a scenario in their million simulations! But hopefully we can build on the great performances by the rookies (and Eric Byrnes) to do more damage to the Dodgers' post-season chances. Comments should follow (between beers), and the usual Sunday double-header of wrap-up reports will also get done later. Just realised the game is actually under way... :-)