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Gameday Thread, #152: 9/21 vs. Padres

Brandon Webb, RHP (16-6, 2.92)
Woody Williams, RHP (9-5, 3.69)

Just time to get this up, but I don't think it really requires a preview. We all know that what we want to see here are a W for Webb, since that's his main advantage over Carpenter, in the eyes of the voters. If he can keep that ERA under three, that would also be a big help. I expect Melvin to put out the best infield defense he can muster tonight, though not sure exactly what that might entail. Also, will be interesting to see what happens later on if he has a lead. Do you pull him to ensure he can't get an L, and trust to the bullpen? Or leave Webb and let him be the master of his own destiny? After a few games where I don't really care about the result, I'm in full fan enthusiasm mode once again... Go, D'backs!