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Gameday Thread, #151: 9/20 vs. Padres

Edgar Gonzalez, RHP (1-3, 5.26)
David Wells, LHP (2-4, 4.71)

So, we're now facing the NL West leaders, eh? Good luck, EdGon; last time, your opponent threw a no-hitter, tonight, you're up against someone who has a perfect game under his belt. That was, however, more than eight years ago, and the Wells we'll see tonight is now in the twilight of his career. He's said he plans to retire at the end of the season, but we in Arizona are kinda aware of how little Wells' word means. He's been bothered by a sprained ankle the last couple of starts, which has hampered him, and his stamina is also in question - only once in eleven starts, has he thrown 100 pitches. He doesn't walk many people though, just ten in 63 innings this season.

EdGon gets another look, after a very solid start against the Marlins, allowing two runs in six innings. These last few starts will go a long way toward deciding whether there's a place for him in Arizona's 2007 plans. I'm optimistic there should be: in three starts this year, he's allowed nine runs in nineteen innings, for a decent 4.26 ERA, with a solid K:BB ratio of 15:3. The home run has been his nemesis, with four leaving the yard in those starts, two of them accounting for both runs allowed last time. Petco should be friendly in this matter, and as in his previous start, a good outing is probably of more relevance than the end result.