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Gameday Thread, #149: 9/17 vs. Rockies

Jeff Francis, LHP (11-11, 4.01)
Miguel Batista, RHP (10-6, 4.49)

Oh, look - it's a GameDay thread. Not time to write much, but AZ does have the chance to go for its first series sweep since the All-Star Break. Last night's game will undoubtedly have taken its toll on the bullpen, but at least ours had a couple of days off before that. Aquino and Slaten didn't pitch, so expect to see them in action today. Francis had been the Rockies ace, but has hit, Rockie patch, as far as his ERA has gone. Meanwhile Batista has gone from the man who couldn't lose, to the man who can't win: without a victory in six starts now. Today seems like a good chance to end that streak...though odds favour another no-decision!

Will be around, but we are in the middle of a movie [on a brief break for Mrs. SnakePit's sister and mother to visit], so may be a few hitters late. Getting this up while I can, so don't wait for me, should be there soon: you clearly did well enough last night without my pearls of wisdom! :-) Let's hope this one doesn't go for five hours though...