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Gameday Thread, #148: 9/16 vs. Rockies

Josh Fogg, RHP (9-9, 5.47)
Claudio Vargas, RHP (11-9, 4.94)

Getting this up very early, since as noted earlier, we're hanging out with the director of such all-time classics as The Gingerdead Man. Therefore, rather than "Diamondbacks vs. Rockies", it will be Dollman vs. Demonic Toys for me tonight. Should be an interesting matchup, though without the spectacular intensity of last night's game: a lot less at stake here, since I think even Mrs. Vargas would be hard pushed to vote for her son in the Cy Young award this year.

Let's see: not walking five hitters in the first three innings. That would probably be a desireable way to start off the game by Vargas, unlike his previous start. Though, to his credit, none of them came round to score, so I guess it didn't matter in the bigger scheme of things. He wasn't helped by the bullpen, which allowed both inherited runners to score in the sixth. With the combined ERA for this one hovering somewhere north of five, I'm not expecting it to be a stellar pitching match-up. Vargas has his moments, though, which is more than you can see recently for Fogg - a 9.37 ERA in his last seven appearances. I fancy our chances at running the modest win streak to three.