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Gameday Thread, #147: 9/15 vs. Rockies

Byung-Hyun Kim, RHP (8-10, 5.37)
Brandon Webb, RHP (15-6, 3.00)

Kim! Back at Bank One, Chase Field! Yeah, will definitely be watching this one, to see our adopted son in action, even if he has left home, and doesn't call any more. :-) However, even we will not be cheering for him to win this evening: not with Brandon Webb on the mound. No, there's a Cy Young at stake, and so we'll hoping for a repeat of Kim's last appearance here, on July 23rd, when he was smacked around for seven earned runs, on nine hits and four walks, in only 3.2 innings.

Webb, meanwhile, roared back to top form in his last outing, pitching a one-hit, complete game shutout against the Cardinals. As far as the Cy Young voting is concerned, however, the win's the most important thing - be nice if he could get that ERA just a shade under 3.00, as that's the main advantage Chris Carpenter has over Webb. The gap between a two-point something ERA and a three-point something one, is probably much wider in voters' minds, than the gap between a pair of two-point something figures. So, less than one earned run every three innings, please, Mr. Webb.

Perhaps the most interesting thing will be the crowd reaction when Luis Gonzalez comes up to bat in the bottom of the first inning [he's third in the lineup]. It's the first time he'll have played since the announcement was made that he's not going to be back with Arizona next year. I suspect that he's going to get a rapturous reception from all and sundry at Chase, every time he steps to the plate for the rest of the season - and who'd argue that it's well-deserved?